Conference Agenda

PSN Summit 2014, Wednesday 25th June, QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE

09:30 - 11:00 Plenary Session

Conference Chair - Phil Gibson, Chair: PSNGB

Andy Beale, Director of Common Technology Services: Government Digital Service

Nick Roberts, President: Socitm and IT Group Manager: Surrey County Council

Ian Fishwick ACMA MBA, SME Director: PSNGB and Chief Executive: Adept Telecom

PSN update and the opportunity for SMEs
Ian will give an update on PSN progress to date and how SMEs can bring innovative and cost-effective solutions to the Public Sector.

11:30 The day continues with a series of case-study based presentations

11:30 - 12:30 Work Sessions 'A'

A1 The journey to becoming an Internal Enterprise Service Provider
Tim will discuss how technology consumerism and the ‘digital citizen’ are driving Public Sector ICT organisations to transform their role from IT Expert to becoming agents of cultural and structural change.

Tim Wadey, Managed Services Director: Logicalis UK

A2 Doing things differently - how PSN enables change
The imperative to continue improving efficiency and provide better services means that cost-cutting is no longer enough. Services need to be delivered online, people enabled to work more flexibly and information and resources joined up and shared across organisations. This workshop explores how PSN can help enable a transformation in public services and a step-change in efficency.

Neil Mellor, Business Development Director PSN: BT Global Services
Mike Parfitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Central Government Sector: BT Global Services

A3 So we've got this PSN - now what are we going to do with it?
To date, the focus for many connecting to the PSN has been on GCF Transition, but that only realises a fraction of the potential you now have at your fingertips. At this session you will learn about the broader capabilities of your newest network asset and the specific set of benefits you now have access to – with little to no additional investment.

Richard Barnes, Head of Public Services Network: Virgin Media Business
Keith Smith, Business Development Manager: Virgin Media Business

A4 Transforming citizen engagement
We invite you to join us as we explore the opportunity that PSN provides to both improve citizen engagement and to increase efficiency through shared services. This is your chance to hear first hand from Jill Waters, Assistant Director at National Savings and Investments as she describes their journey to meet changing citizen expectations and the myriad challenges faced by many public sector organisations. A practical, real-life case study that will no doubt lead to much discussion

Gregg Widdowson, Engineering Manager: Avaya UK
Jill Waters, Assistant Director: National Savings and Investments

13:30 - 14:30 Work sessions 'B'

B1 Why network-independent solutions are the best way to get ready for transformational services
Are you facing spending cuts of 30 - 50% but need to improve your data network, comply with PSN, as well as transitioning to SIP? Let us show you how.

We'll take a detailed look at why 16 councils have migrated their telecom services to AdEPT in the last 12 months and in doing so generated huge savings, increased efficiency and prepared for next generation services.

We'll discuss the benefits of SIP and the practical considerations when planning transition from ISDN30, including integration with Microsoft Lync.

We'll also have a look at what the next 12 months brings for PSN - free government to government calls and better mobility options?

Ian Fishwick ACMA MBA, SME Director: PSNGB and Chief Executive: Adept Telecom
Joe Murphy, Public Services Director: Adept Telecom

B2 The PSN position today, tomorrow and future
Cost reduction, rationalisation, innovation and service delivery.  The challenges facing public sector organisations are many and varied. Today, through PSN and G-Cloud, we can offer a host of transformational opportunities by bringing together diverse technologies, multiple networks, applications and devices to create sector-specific unified communications answers to your service delivery challenges.  We will share real life examples of where we are helping customers such as The Highways Agency, Guinness Partnership and Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust deliver ‘more for less’ through the PSN framework.

However, a seismic shift is underway that has the potential to change the way communications infrastructures are developed across the public sector. New technology, based on Web RTC, has the potential to convert every device with a web browser, into a sophisticated and secure communications device. During this workshop we will share a demonstration of our industry changing solution for the next generation of communications.

Paul Barker, Senior Security Consultant: Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications)
Andrew Cheel, New Ways To Work Ambassador: Unify
(formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications)

B3 Is PSN at risk of slowing down savings?
The PSN programme has delivered savings in the procurement and delivery of network services. However, in the short to medium term is one set of rules for everybody creating a barrier to development and take up of other services? Should we be considering community of interest PSNs, maintaining and building on the value achieved from the ‘network of networks’ or just using them in a different way?

Ian Wilcox, PSN and Governance Manager: Easynet

B4 How the future of telecoms can increase your resilience whilst decreasing your costs
Now that ISDN is fading into the sunset, what are the options for Public Sector organisations moving forwards? Transitioning legacy ISDN telephone services to next generation SIP trunking means that cost savings can be made without compromising on quality, productivity or resilience, and the possibility of merging voice services with data and mobile to provide true unified communications is now a reality.

We will include case study examples from Newcastle NHS Trust, Northumberland County Council, The Royal Borough of Greenwich and others.

Bob Falconer, CEO: Gamma

15:00 - 16:00 Work sessions 'C'

C1 Working together to transform public services
PSN provides the trusted environment for shared services, better collaboration and greater efficiency; transforming the way public services are delivered.  We’ll explore what this means in practice – how PSN underpins digital by default delivery, enables public services reform and helps transform the way people work.

Phil Gibson, (PSNGB Chair) plus PSNGB Directors

C2 Implementing mobility to conform to the CESG guidelines
The UK Government Guidance includes twelve general security recommendations.  This presentation discusses the government’s recommendations and describes how each of them can be addressed and augmented by installing and configuring enterprise mobility management systems and provides advice on the differences in implementation between government-owned or BYOD deployments.

Daniel Pratt, Public Sector Specialist: MobileIron

C3 Total Enterprise Mobility
Consumers are driving an unstoppable mobile revolution that is transforming the way we live, work and play, but British organisations are lagging dangerously behind the curve.  This revolution is disrupting markets and creating a step-change opportunity for the next generation of organisations both in terms of their employees and – in a crucial difference to the past – how they can best serve their customers.

During the presentation we will cover factors that are changing the world – from the ways we access the internet to the expectations of our employees and customers, and the opportunity UK organisations have to compete with the best in the world on this new battleground.  We will present Total Enterprise Mobility, a new approach to enterprise mobility designed specifically to help next generation business harness this opportunity.

Jeremy Spencer, Head of Propositions, Business Marketing: EE

C4 Achieving an ROI from a secure multi-platform mobile implementation
Mobile innovation within the Public Sector continues to reduce costs by creating a more flexible and customer-centric workforce. Mobilising Business applications are fundamental in driving further cost savings by helping to reduce the dependency on office support. However, as organisations move their business applications from desktop to mobile it highlights security risks associated with protecting sensitive data.

In our workshop we’ll discuss how organisations can SECURELY mobilise services across IOS, Blackberry and Android devices to deliver tangible cost benefits.

James Asser, Government Consultant: Blackberry
James Davey, Head of Public Sector: Blackberry

16:05 - 16:35 Panel Debate and Q&A
A round-up of points raised during the day and a final chance for delegates to ask questions of the expert panel.

Chair: Phil Gibson, PSNGB Chair
Steve Halliday, Past-President: Socitm
Mike Thomas, Managing Director: PSNGB

Please note agenda, speakers and timings may be subject to change